True impact of a teacher

DSC_0069Over the course of the last year, I have been following Dan Meyer’s blog (dy/dan).  It is great looking into the thoughts of a truly brilliant teacher.  In his latest post, Guilt is the new Merit Pay, just a short excerpt of a comment by a follower, I found the comments overwhelming.

You see, Dan is moving from being a teacher to pursuing his Ph.D.  Most of the comments were from other teachers about the impact that he has made. I want to let you know that his style of teaching has made an impact on myself as a leader and change agent.  He is teaching me how to prepare developers to learn better and faster, challenge the norm, and think about WCYDWT. 

I have used many of his posts in value sharing exercises and even participated in one of his online sessions.  Dan’s style of teaching convinces me that there is a better way.  His teaching style is not relegated to the education community, but to the world community.  Let’s share the great lessons with others and help Dan continue the foundation of excellence that he has established.


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One Response to True impact of a teacher

  1. Eric says:

    Nice post. I like the idea of ‘what could you do with this’.

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