Quick presentations

The need for solid presentation skills is everywhere. Last night I went to my daughter’s school for curriculum night and listened to a general session of information that is happening in the school and seven teacher presentations, one for each class my daughter takes.  Here are some takeaways from those presentations.

  1. Preparation:  It was noticeable who was prepared and who wasn’t.  For many parents this may be the only time they got a chance to interact with the teachers in person. Teachers with a long tenure at the school flowed much better with their presentations than new teachers.
  2. Attention:  One teacher caught my attention right from the beginning and engaged the parents in the classroom.  She didn’t talk about her credentials, classroom policies, or procedures, but had a theme that was delivered throughout the presentation.  She was the last presentation and had every parent captivated even after a long day.
  3. Enthusiasm: I recognize the length of the day for the teachers was pretty long and you may have just given the same presentation 5 times, but show some energy.  There were 3 presentations that I felt missed the mark in this area.
  4. Mood:  One of the classrooms I walked in on had the main lights off, table lamps on, and had a comfortable curl up in your chair and read a book feeling.  As you would probably guess, this was Language Arts. I felt like I was participating with my daughter in class.
  5. Organization:  I was impressed by the “Startup Slide” that my child sees every day, the handout of the syllabus, the contact information at the ready.  I was disappointed by some teachers not getting started on time, “on the fly” presenting, and running through the syllabus in a verbatim fashion.

Other observations

  • Several teachers anticipated the questions parents were asking
  • My daughter has a very educated set of teachers with varying backgrounds.  She should have a great education year
  • There were some references to teaching to the standard tests
  • Parental involvement was encouraged
  • Teachers prefer email almost exclusively
  • Curriculum changes were discussed

Parents that chose not to attend this really lost out in my opinion.  Make sure you work to participate in your child’s education.


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