Culture dropping

In todays development ecosystems,  “Culture dropping” can create barriers to successful team effectiveness.  What is Culture dropping?  It is adding a pseudo-context for the effect of trying to add value to a problem, that is culturally inaccurate. Media Dictionary describes pseudo-context as:

the structure of information presented through the media, which is thought by some to be fragmented and useless

Here are two examples that I have seen in development circles.

Communication Channels

When working with remote or “off-shore” teams, communication is critical to the success of the team, BUT wouldn’t you say that communication is key to all teams success?  Why is it that we must have better defined requirements and documentation for these remote teams.  I know plenty of developers that need to work on communication with the person in the cube next to them. 

I currently work for global clients and the excess documentation syndrome is very evident not just in the off-shore model, but also with the culturally diverse talent that I work with.  But maybe I am just over sensitive in this area.


In the consulting industry this is always a battle of context. Instead of the focus on the skills in the industry, persons are looked at for “experience” based upon longevity.  I have seen people hired because they have 15 years of experience, yet none in the area that is needed to solve the problem.  Time over skills is a prevailing norm in the industry. 

There are many reasons for this, but the primary one is due to the hiring managers lack of experience in the subject area themselves.  They believe that time in the industry is the cure all for solving the problems.  I have watched interviews cut short because the person “looked like they just graduated high school” or the resume wasn’t 5 pages with 10 different jobs. 

The pseudo-context of a full resume, a certain look, and longevity will result in losing some of the most talented employees, consultants, and value to your organization.

What examples can you give where “Culture dropping” has happened in your profession?

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