My Resume

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Sogeti USA, LLC – Senior Technical Consultant

BluWater Consulting (Formerly Endeavor) – Director of Professional Services

July 2008 – Present

Sogeti – Instrumental in providing guidance, direction, and support during acquisition process by Sogeti. Responsible for transitioning employees to new corporate model, supplying mentorship, coaching, and guidance to customers, consultants, and developers during this time.

BluWater/Endeavor – As a leader in strategic direction for BluWater/Endeavor, I turned a non-profitable professional services team into a highly skilled, accountability driven, customer satisfaction focused team.

I was accountable for:

  • Project budget and tracking expectations
  • Executive level technical sales for customers
  • Development of core teams and best practices in software development
  • Strategic planning facilitation with at the director and owner levels
  • Modeling change
  • Account Executive Activities for one of the companies top clients

I continue to be an integral part of delivering top level consulting solutions to our customers. I develop core members to step in as leaders and fulfill my role when necessary.  My focus is on integrity, quality, and the foundational constructs of team building.

Senior Web Architect, Corbis

August 2007 – July 2008

As a consultant for Corbis, I was responsible for the architecture and development of This system was localized into 14 different languages with an average of 50,000 users per day. In conjunction with another architect, we lead a team of developers in a core restructuring of all tiers.

Core leadership milestones:

  • Enhanced communication between stakeholders to get a solid prioritization on requests and features for the new site.
  • Became a champion of UX team efforts to enhance the customer experience for the site.
  • Engaged the localization team in UI validation efforts.
  • Integrated Kanban/Lean/Scrum practices to become part of the team culture

Core technology achievements:

  • Implementation of Provider based models
  • Decoupling the functional areas of the site to facilitate easier deployment of components.
  • Augmentation of Localization Strategies for content and images.
  • Application to WCF services and contract first methodologies to retrieve business related data.

IT Development Manager, Current USA

May 2006 – July 2007

As a hands-on development manager, it was responsible for two main areas:

1. Implementing a set of processes and guidance for the developers to deliver business based requests in a timely fashion.

  • My primary responsibility was to initiate several processes to improve development efforts.
  • Training was made an integral part of each week for the developers to learn and grow.
  • A source code control system was implemented and maintained by development staff.
  • Unit testing was made a standard for code deployment and reviews. Environments were set up for QA testing and UA testing.

2. Maintaining systems on a day to day basis. The systems included 6 websites with varying code bases, several manufacturing applications, and multiple internal system process applications. Some major accomplishments included

  • Accountability for 24/7 support of 6 external e-commerce sites. These sites were a combination of J2EE, Classic ASP, and ASP.Net 1.1.
  • Consolidation of a central order processing component from six separate components and a full SEO upgrade to all of the sites.
  • Architecture of manufacturing platform integration of web orders.  The evolution of this system enhanced order tracking and simplified many manual processes.

Senior Software Developer, El Paso Corporation

May 2005 – June 2006

Responsible for the development of a windows forms application that schedules gas shipments, across the pipeline. Key areas of the development process included:

  • Customization of third party controls (Infragistics).
  • Remoting development for the middle tier.
  • Citrix based hosting for the windows application.
  • SQL database development (Stored Procedures, Triggers, Functions)

At this position, I mentored several junior level personnel in object oriented design, patterns, and other software practices.

Software Engineer, El Paso County

February 2004 – May 2006

Implemented architectural strategies for the implementation of a data access layer with code generation templates built with CodeSmith. Designed and coded web services to handle external customer requests to internal systems in a secure manner using delegation. Coached developers in creating ASP.Net pages and reusing business components. Created custom web and user controls in the conversion of a mainframe system to a web based internal application. Wrote UML documentation and designed specs for the application framework. Foundational accomplishments included:

  • Successful implementation of key modules of the Assessor site.
  • Build process improvement through the use of NAnt and Cruise Control.Net
  • Custom page framework implementation for ongoing projects.
  • Mentorship of form VAX developers to OOP techniques

Software Developer, L-3 Communications

May 1999 – June 2003

My various duties in this company focused on the development of internal and Department of Defense applications. I acted as a technical advisor on several high profile development initiatives for the government, including prototypes for the BMC3 (Ballistic Missile Command and Control Center) and Content management websites for the Army Space Support Teams. Internally, I was responsible for the design and implementation of the company administration and reporting tool, Task Automated Billing System (TABS). This application was used to deliver a consistent structure for the decentralized company offices.

Major Accomplishments included:

  • Successful deployment of VB6 application architecture with patch and feature enhancements.
  • Data synchronization between multiple instances of SQL Server.
  • Development of ASP secure sites, with compiled code base (VB6 dlls).
  • Analyzed and Implemented business processes across the organization.

Software Trainer and Developer, ExecuTrain

May 1997 – November 1998

I taught over 30 different applications, at various levels, with a high degree of proficiency. Applied my knowledge to do custom development for Toyota Motor Manufacturing by building a inventory processing system. Gained knowledge of networking, exchange, and system maintenance.

Core competencies achieved:

  • Rapid understanding of new software and systems.
  • System automation and deployment.
  • Great foundational knowledge of many different applications.
  • Ability to teach and train novice to advanced persons.

Various Duties – US Navy

June 1988 – May 1996

Eight years of military duty gave me valuable skills in leadership, personnel management, and problem solving. I had the responsibility for managing inventories of over 1.25 million per year, supervising up to 45 persons at a time, and coming up with solutions to everyday problems. I reengineered custom inventory applications to enable better tracking of materials and supplies at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Other accomplishments include the rapid rise in rank and management of multiple persons under hard conditions.


I am a life long learner. Most of my education in software development and architecture comes from the reading of books, webcasts and the multitude of blogs I subscribe to. I push to learn something new everyday. This is a challenge that I put out to my subordinates also.

Denver Technical University – Associates in Information Systems Programming (2000)